Friend meeting

That better way of enjoying your free time with your friends navigating placidly upon the Mar Menor.


A theme party to surprise your family or friends and to celebrate that special day with them.


The most romantic situation, sailing towards a sunset, embraced, feeling the Sun in the face and the breeze caressing your hairs...

Farewells of single

To say goodbye of your bachelorhood with the friends, with a good navigation for the day, terrace Chill Out (at summer), appetizers.

Incentives of company

Relax weekend, to forgive your job and enjoy sailing or learning the science of navigation.

Meetings works

A good way of working to inspire and to propose new ideas going out of four walls of the Room of Meetings, beside being useful to lodge at someone of the near hotels and to finish the day and to eliminate tensions a walk sailing before having dinner. (Already exist several near hotels).