Experience the feeling of freedom that gives the feel the wind in the face, the sun, the smell of the sea and you can relax and forget the stress of daily activity, letting the hours pass and losing track of time ...

Races (consult calendar)

Anyone who wants to feel the adrenaline surface, extreme sailing and experience you feel when 90 boats make their way out and the tension time to forget the world and canalices all your energy on one point ...

Advice in Skills of navigation

If you want to learn to sail: how to trim the sails, the different courses, how to place the SPI and to sail optimizing to the maximum the ship …


Trips and excursions to beachs and islands

There are numerous places with captivation where the ship will drop anchor to enjoy in every moment of the different activities that offers the day.

Theme parties

For that they want to organize a party of the pareo, Hawaiian, pirate with the search of the treasure …. And the special menu of barbecue … to dance … What you want to imagine.

Chill Out sunsets

Whoever wants to see the sunset enjoying a drink and listening to chill out music can stay on the boat or go on the terrace Zeta prepared for the occasion...

Siestas at the sea

There is no sensation better that catching the dream after lunch, rocked, well in a inflatable, well in one of the berth of the ship or sunbathing in the deck, everything harmonized with the sound of the wind and of the sea or if it is preferred of relaxing music.


Exists a lot of restaurants to eat typical meal like the "caldero"…

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